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Definitions of Class Search fields

The following alphabetical list of fields from the University’s Class Search are defined and/or explained to help you navigate the process of enrollment. Please note that not every field is used by every campus.

CampusThe campus on which/from which a class is offered. Your primary campus will automatically show here unless you select an alternate campus. Rochester/Twin Cities searches must be selected from the drop down.
Class NbrA five-digit number associated with a specific class. The class number appears to the left of each class listing or each section of a class. It is not the specific number associated with a course (offered by a department any given term), but with a class (that has a specific term, time, location, instructor, etc.).
Course AttributeThe attributes you can search for include (but are not limited to) classes for students enrolled in an Honors Program, College of Continuing Education, or a topics course.
Course Attribute ValueA number of options may be available here related to your Course Attribute choice.
Course CareerThe career field of a class. If you are an undergraduate, choose Undergraduate or leave blank. Otherwise, choose Graduate, Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, or Veterinary Medicine.
Course ComponentChoose Discussion, Extra Credit, Field Work, Independent Study, Laboratory, Lecture, or Rotation.
Course NumberThe four-digit number following a course subject. For example, Chemistry 1011 is a different from Chemistry 1021; 1011 and 1021 are the course numbers.
Course KeywordA keyword field to help identify a class subject. You can enter a course keyword here to help find courses of a certain subject (e.g., statistics).
Days of WeekThe day or days on which a class is held.
InstitutionThe campus that is offering the class and responsible for instruction.
Instructor Last NameThe last name of the instructor officially assigned to teach the class. You can enter as much or as little of the instructor name as you may know by selecting “begins with; contains; is exactly” first.
LocationDepending on the institution you chose from the start, you will have options such as off-campus or on-campus.
Meeting Start Time/Meeting End TimeA period of time in which a class starts or end. You can enter an open time range and the search will only look for classes that meet during this period.
Minimum Units/Maximum UnitsThe number of units, or credits, of a class.
Mode of InstructionThe means by which a class is taught and completed. Options may include: Completely Online; In Person Term Based; Independent/Directed Study; Online & Distance Learning (ODL); Partially Online; Primarily Online; or Study Abroad.
TermThe period of instruction during an academic year in which a class is held: fall semester, spring semester, summer term, etc.
SessionThis is the time frame of a class offering. This may include regular, first half, second half, extended regular, etc.
SubjectThe abbreviated main subject area of a class (e.g., MATH for mathematics, PHYS for physics, ACCT for accounting). This field is specific to University courses and must be selected or entered accordingly.

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