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Borrowing history

Student loan debt status

For the most accurate information about your student loan debt status, visit the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). If you obtained private educational loans or your parents/others took out loans on your behalf, these will not be included in the NSLDS. 

Interest rates

Student loan interest rates vary based on when you borrowed and the type of loan. Federal student loan interest rates are published online. 

Student loan repayment

The standard 10-year repayment plan for Federal Stafford Loans is one of multiple options (see federal loan repayment options). 

To calculate payments on your loans, try this loan repayment calculator

Student loan estimate

Prior to responding to your financial aid award, you may have been shown an estimate of the total amount of loans you have taken. This estimate of your student loan indebtedness was provided to help you know where you stand and to inform your future borrowing decisions. It is not a complete and official record of your student loan debt. 

Please note, this estimate: 

  • Does not include certain loans
    • Loans taken out at other colleges or universities
    • Grad PLUS loans
    • Federal Health Profession Loans
    • Education loans taken out on your behalf (e.g., by a parent)
  • Does not reflect any loan consolidation you may have done
  • Does not reflect any debt that has been repaid 
  • Uses the current interest rate used for Federal Direct Subsidized and 
  • Unsubsidized loans (your actual interest rates may vary)
  • Uses the standard repayment plan (your repayment terms may vary by loan)

You can review this estimate at any time by going to the Communication Center within your Student Center (in MyU). Keep in mind that the data is valid as of the date and time at the top of the estimate and it may have changed since then.

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