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Update personal information

Your primary/legal name is the default the University of Minnesota uses in communications and reporting. You may set a preferred name in the My Info tab of MyU (step-by-step instructions). See the preferred name page for more information, including a list of systems that utilize preferred name.

Complete the Name Change Request form and return it, along with the required documentation, to the listed address. Reminder: you may update your preferred name in MyU: My Info (see step-by-step instructions) at any time for University directories, class rosters, and grade rosters.

Minnesota law requires all students born after December 31, 1956, who enroll in a Minnesota college or university to be immunized against certain diseases. Contact UMC Student Health Services for information on how to update your record.

If you are a US citizen or permanent resident (green card), you are considered a Minnesota resident if:

  • You have been continuously present in the state of Minnesota for at least one calendar year prior to the first day of class attendance at the University.
  • During that one-year period, you must not have attended any Minnesota post-secondary educational institutions.

Having a history out of the state, including transfer coursework, graduation from a non-Minnesota high school, and out-of-state work experience, may result in you receiving an initial classification of nonresident.

Add your pronouns and/or gender identity to your student record through MyU: My Info (see step by step instructions). More information on how the University community can access your pronouns and gender identity is available. 

To update your gender in our student information system, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

You may choose to waive the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan by providing proof of enrollment in an alternative eligible health plan to the Office of Student Health Benefits.

Your primary/legal name is the default used for University systems. You may set a different first or middle name and address for your diploma in MyU: My Info.

Other personal information updates include citizenship status, driver’s license number, ethnicity, marital status, and veteran status. For guidance on how to update this information, contact One Stop Student Services.

Update contact information

Make sure you keep your address updated as soon as you become aware of any changes. You may change your address or add an additional address on the My Info tab of MyU (step-by-step instructions).

You may change your phone number or add an additional phone number on the My Info tab of MyU (step-by-step instructions).

The University’s official means of communication with you is your University-assigned email account. You are responsible for all information sent to this account year-round. You have the option of providing an additional email address on the My Info tab of MyU (step-by-step instructions).

Emergency contact information is required and should be kept up-to-date. You may change your emergency contact information on the My Info tab of MyU (step-by-step instructions).

Student information and public records

Some of your student information is a matter of public record. If it is public record, it is available to anyone who makes a request for public records. 

Your information that is considered public record includes:

  • Name
  • Dates of enrollment
  • Enrollment status
  • Academic program
  • Academic advisor
  • College or school
  • Degrees and credentials awarded

This information is included in the U of M’s directory information, can be made available upon request, and may be disclosed without your consent.

Your student information will first appear in the directory information on the first day of the term for the first class you take as a student. You can suppress your directory information in the My Info tab of MyU at any time throughout your academic career.

To understand what information is public, refer to the Board of Regents Student Education Records policy.

People Search directory

In addition to public records, the University has an online directory called People Search (login required). Anyone with a University internet ID and password can log in to People Search and look up University members.

By default, People Search shows all of your information included in the directory information, plus:

  • University email address

Change your privacy settings

You can make some or all of your information private. The changes that you make apply to public records requests for student information as well as to the results shown in the People Search directory. 

To change your privacy settings, go to the My Info tab of MyU. If needed, learn how to change your settings.

In MyU, there are five options to suppress (hide or restrict) your information:

  • Suppress ONLY my phone numbers.
  • Suppress ONLY my addresses.
  • Suppress BOTH my phone numbers and my addresses.
  • Suppress my phone numbers, my address, my email
    • Your information will not appear in the University’s public directories. Your phone numbers, addresses and email addresses will not be released to third parties without your written permission.
  • Suppress ALL information about me
    • Your information will not be released to third parties without your written permission, including your university enrollment information. The University will not verify your attendance or degree completion to prospective employers, financial institutions, rental agencies, or other entities offering services without your written permission.

Changes take effect within 24 hours. For help, contact help@umn.edu or call 612-301-4357.

Student records policies

Suppressing your information does not hide it from University staff who need your information, such as your advisor. If you also work at the University, your employment information will not be hidden.

University policy and the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulate the sharing of information and student records privacy at the University.

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