Registration times

Personal registration time

To view your personal registration time, go to MyU: Academics and click on the "Registration" tab. Use the Registration Shopping Cart to register for classes anytime after your appointed time. Learn how to find your specific registration time.

Registration is unavailable during weekly maintenance on Sundays, 3:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

General registration dates

General registration dates on the academic calendar

Online Course Registration Priority

Online degree-seeking students who are officially admitted to an approved online degree program are given priority for registration in all online courses offered during the fall and spring semesters (designated by class sections E90, E91, etc.) This will insure that “place-bound” students have the first opportunity to enroll in online classes. There is, however, no priority registration for summer session.

  • Online Students (in an approved online major): may register at or after their registration queue time (no permission number required unless class is full).
  • On-campus degree-seeking students: may register at or after their registration queue time but approval and permission number is required from the department offering the course.
  • Non-degree/PSEO students: See schedule below (on a space available basis).
  • Multi-institutional students may seek out a permission number from the corresponding department as soon as open enrollment begins. Because seat availability varies for each department, program, and course, it is up to the discretion of the department when permission numbers are given.

Registration stages for fall 2024 and summer 2024 semester classes

You are randomly assigned to a stage based on the total number of cumulative credits. For the purposes of assigning registration times, cumulative credit total includes both completed and in-progress credits. Audit courses are not counted in the cumulative credits, nor are they counted as credits in progress. 

Stage 1Student AthletesApril 1, 2024
Stage 2Seniors – Undergraduates with 90 or more cumulative credit​sApril 2-3, 2024
Stage 3Juniors – Undergraduates with 60 – 89.99 cumulative credit​sApril 4-9, 2024
Stage 4Sophomores – Undergraduates with 30 – 59.99 cumulative credits​April 10-15, 2024
Stage 5Freshmen – Undergraduates with less than 29.99 cumulative credit​sApril 16-17, 2024
Stage 6“Current” Non-Degree students (fall on-campus classes only)April 18, 2024
Stage 7Open Enrollment begins (PSEO students and multi-institutional students with permission number)April 19, 2024
Stage 8New Non-Degree/PSEO students (fall online classes)July 30, 2024

View your registration time

Text instructions

Your registration time is the earliest time you are able to register for a given term. It is important to know your registration time to prepare for registration.

  1. Log into MyU and select the Academics tab.
  2. Click the Registration sub-tab.
  3. View the date and time you can register for the most recent term.
    • If you want to select a different term, click the arrows at the top.
    • At the bottom of the page, you can see open enrollment dates when registration is open to everyone.

Visual guide

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