Consumer information

The UMC website includes comprehensive information about the University which we are required by law to share with you annually.

Follow the links on this page to a broad spectrum of tools, facts, and procedures essential to making good decisions while you are a student.

Please be aware that some of your student record is public information, such as your name, address, email address, and telephone number(s); dates of enrollment and enrollment status (full time, part time, not enrolled, withdrawn, and withdrawal date); college and class, major, adviser, academic awards and honors received, and degrees earned. If you are currently enrolled, you may prevent the release of your public information by indicating that choice at the Update or Suppress Personal Information.

You may also choose to allow access to your student record information to third parties (e.g., parent, spouse) through Parent/Guest Access. The University policy regarding your student education records is available for review.

State regulations require we inform you that arrests, charges or convictions for criminal offenses may limit employment possibilities in specific careers and occupations. If you are in this situation you will want to investigate with your adviser any restrictions you may face in your field of study.

If you are not a resident of Minnesota and you are taking an online course leading to professional licensure, check with the appropriate licensing board in your state to verify that the course meets requirements for licensure.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Office of the Registrar by email, phone, or in person.

The University of Minnesota Crookston does not tolerate discrimination!
Each year the UMC Title IX Coordinator, Jason Tangquist must review this NOTICE OF NON-DISCRIMINATION with the campus community.
1. Our institution doesn't discriminate on the basis of sex within educational programs and activities, in accordance with Title IX requirements.
2. Prohibited sex discrimination including sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship (dating & domestic) violence and stalking.

Inquiries about this notice or the application of Title IX may be referred to:

  • UMC’s Title IX Coordinator, Jason Tangquist at [email protected] or 218-281-842
  • University of Minnesota’s Title IX Coordinator, Tina Marisam at [email protected] or 612-626-9357 or
  • The Department of Education' Office for Civil Rights at [email protected] or 800-421-3481.