Work-study and student employment

Work-study awards

Work-study is an opportunity for on-campus employment. Most students find work-study to be a convenient way to earn money while going to school. 

To view job postings, please visit, and follow the step by step instructions (below).

  1. Select: Apply for a job today
  2. Scroll down and select: Students
  3. Select Location: Crookston

Find more information about work-study employment.

Not eligible for Work-study?

If you are not eligible for work-study, you may find on-campus employment or off-campus employment that is not considered part of a financial aid package.

I-9 Employment Verification

If you plan on working at the University, you must complete an I-9 form by providing documentation that proves your identity and your eligibility to work. A list of acceptable documents is available on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Photocopies of official documents will not be accepted.

If you are eligible for work-study employment and need to complete the I-9 process, step-by-step instructions for completing the I-9 will be emailed once students have been officially awarded with financial aid at the end of July.

Outstanding Student Employee of the Year

Outstanding Student Employee of the Year

Each year the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships asks that anyone who supervises a student employee nominates an individual who is worthy of being selected as the UMC Student Employee of the Year.  This is not limited to only students who are funded with work study dollars but instead any student employee at the University of Minnesota Crookston. 

A small committee reviews the nominations and the selected student employee is recognized at the April Student Awards Ceremony, will receive a $500 scholarship, and the selected recipient's name will be engraved on a plaque that resides outside of our office. 

To nominate a student employee please complete the following form: Student Employee Nomination. Deadline to submit for the 2023-2024 nomination year is Wednesday, March 29, 2024.