Receive a credit balance

When you have a financial credit balance on your account (whether from financial aid or an enrollment change) you'll receive the balance via direct deposit. Direct deposit is fastest. If you're not signed up for direct deposit, you'll receive a check in the mail.

You will receive the money no sooner than 15 business days beyond the last date any payment was posted to your student account. Contact the Business Office with questions.

Refunds due to enrollment changes

You may need to withdraw or drop classes during a semester. You may be automatically eligible to receive a refund of tuition and/or course fees depending upon when you change your enrollment. Find drop and refund deadlines.

If your circumstances require you to withdraw from all classes, please tell your academic advisor and the Financial Aid Office. They will help you make decisions so that you will have a clear understanding of impacts to your academic career.

Tuition and course fees

Enrollment changes are effective the day they are processed. Any refund amount owed to you will be based on the date you officially withdraw or drop (find drop and refund deadlines), not on the date you stopped attending class. Drop immediately if you stop attending class for any reason.

If your tuition and fees are not paid in full, any refund you receive will be a monetary credit applied to your unpaid balance.

Student services and University-sponsored health plan fees

Refunds of these fees are based on the date that the enrollment change is processed and are not affected by retroactive changes. If your enrollment drops below 6 credits, you must accept a refund of the University-sponsored health plan fee, though you may keep the student services fee. If you receive a refund of the student services fee, you may no longer use the services provided by the fee. If you withdraw from all courses and qualify for a tuition refund, you must also accept a prorated refund of the student services fee and the University-sponsored health plan fee.

Special fees

The orientation fee and late registration fee, for example, are generally not refunded. All other special fees assessed at registration are refunded at the same rate as tuition and course fees. No special fees are refunded after the refund period has ended, even if a retroactive enrollment change is authorized.

Tuition refund appeal

Discuss the implications of a retroactive withdrawal and/or a tuition refund appeal with your advisor as well as the Financial Aid Office. Any refund will be based on the date you officially changed your enrollment, not on the date you stopped attending class.

In a very limited number of circumstances (e.g., medical, military activation, academic advisement), retroactive withdrawal may be possible. If we allow a retroactive withdrawal and a tuition refund appeal form is received no later than August 31 of the academic year for which a tuition refund is requested, you may be eligible for a tuition refund. Appeals for tuition refunds based on failure to withdraw or non-attendance will not be approved. If your appeal is approved, a "W" grade (for withdrawal) will remain on your academic record for each class.

See the Retroactive Course Cancellation and Tuition Refund Appeal form.